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WinQuery has rich features

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WinQuery is loaded with benefits

   WinGIS users will appreciate the user-interface of WinQuery. We are quite sure you will feel at home with the look and feel of WinQuery. The table below lists the major features of WinQuery and their respective benefits.  



It's quick. Be up and running in no time
WinQuery is easy to install and easy to use. The small size of the product means shorter load time and smaller distribution files for you.
Seamless integration with WinGIS
WinQuery and WinGIS integrate so seamlessly that it can be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.
Exceptional speed, extraordinary performance
Matches WinGIS in data manipulation performance.
Harness the full functionality of WinGIS
Caters for every functionality provided in WinGIS.
Open. Connects to any database
Harness the full potential of any database. Supports desktop databases : Access, Paradox, dBase and enterprise databases like SqlServer, Oracle, SQLBase, Sybase, Interbase and MySQL.
Interoperation enabled
Allows interoperation between WinGIS, Access, Paradox and dBase programs.
Multi-lingual, dynamic language switching
Choose from English, Russian, German, French, Bosnian and many more.
WinQuery is easily customisable to link layer with any table.
Query Results Query results from WinGIS and database can be saved within the database as query objects. This will be instantly visible to other users in a multi-user environment.
Save monitoring
Graphic monitored results from WinGIS can be saved in database as tables, views or queries.
Multi-user environment
Built-in multi-user database connectivity. Saved data are instantly visible to other users in multi-user environment.
Password protection
Optional password protection for database.



Supports wide range of thematic mapping
Natural break, equal interval, equal area, etc.

No-nonsense support policy

Hassle-free, no-nonsense support policy.
Free updates
Free updates for all registered users within the same major version.

Reduced upgrade fee

Reduced upgrade fee for all major upgrades.
Low support fee
Low support fee for the 2nd year onwards.
Documentation and help

Electronic, Online.
























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