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WinQuery for WinGIS ... unveil the full potential of WinGIS.


What is WinQuery?

WinQuery is an add-on application to provide WinGIS with seamless connectivity to any industry-standard relational database, allowing users to harness the full functionality and flexibility offered by such databases with WinGIS.


Why was WinQuery created?

GIS applications are often undertaken by organizations who wish to integrate their corporate data, available both as static map data in paper or CAD formats, and tabular data maintained in databases. Such integration allows data to be viewed in a powerful new way, to visualize and decipher information with a geographic dimension. Here, WinQuery plays an important role in connecting map data input into WinGIS with their corporate database.

WinQuery was developed by GIS practitioners to cater to industry demand for seamless WinGIS’ connectivity to corporate data.

Being long-time, dedicated GIS solution providers using WinGIS, we created WinQuery to complement WinGIS' powerful desktop mapping and analytical capabilities with a fast and user-friendly way of connecting it to your data.

WinGIS users will appreciate the user-interface of WinQuery which will make them feel at home with its look and feel.


Features of WinQuery that make WinGIS a cut above its competitors

WinQuery has several salient features that set WinGIS apart from other GIS software. The benefits of such features are outlined below.


1. Continuing to work with existing corporate database and tools

One of the main strengths of WinQuery is its ability to allow you to continue working with your proven everyday-tools, specifically your standard database, irrespective of what it may be. Many of our clients appreciate that this is a significant advantage offered compared with other GIS software they have experienced. The implication is that little or no learning is required in as far as manipulation of data within the corporate database is concerned. The only addition would be linking database queries and manipulations to the map, a task made effortless by the connectivity provided by WinQuery.

Design of tables and queries, data entry and editing via forms, and generation of reports are all carried out with the functions provided by your database application, for e.g. Access.

The use of existing in-house database querying / reporting tools also allows the organization to use its existing skill resources to maintain the GIS solution. There is less need to invest in staff training to support new or unfamiliar technology.


2. Feeling of familiarity for users new to GIS

Familiarity makes introduction of GIS to organizations easier and successful. Users, almost always, embark upon GIS with some prior knowledge and hands-on experience of Windows, office applications and at least one of the open databases. Continuing to work with their 'regular' database gives them a feeling of being on familiar ground and that they are merely extending their expertise to manage geographic data.

This feeling of being in familiar territory is important because it gives the new GIS user a sense of confidence which serves well to drive away the anxiety, fear and hesitation often associated with treading ‘new ground’. Introducing GIS to an organization is thus made easier, more welcome, more acceptable and therefore more successful.


3. Easy connectivity to corporate database

Another sterling feature of WinQuery must surely be its out-of-box connectivity to any corporate relational database. You don’t have to worry about complicated linking, further programming work, mastering a new database and so on. Hassle-free out-of-box connectivity will allow you to be up and running almost immediately, easing the learning transition and allowing you to continue working with your existing database. You have all this plus enjoy the added geo-dimension of WinGIS. Working directly with your corporate relational database boosts the power of WinGIS many-fold.


4. Easy workgroup solution

Open databases come with built-in multi-user functionality and security options for enterprise-wide networked solutions, making implementation of enterprise solutions simple and straightforward.

As for queries, if you have ever worked with Access, one of the things that you would have appreciated most is the ease with which you can formulate, execute, save and retrieve your queries. The same with WinQuery. Working with your corporate database, WinQuery allows you to draft and save your queries just as easily and store them right within your database for subsequent retrieval.

Working with your existing corporate database means giving you the confidence that your queries will always fetch the latest updated records thereby eliminating the possibility of working with outdated data. Saving queries within the database as database objects offers immediate visibility and access to those queries for anyone within the networked workgroup.


5. Easy prototyping of decision support solutions

Good news for developers and consultants. Ever experienced headaches when it comes to prototyping your Decision Support Solutions? Well, consider those days a thing of the past. WinQuery allows you the flexibility to formulate and test queries for your solutions in an adhoc manner. This provides the powerful function of allowing you to play around with your data generating various scenarios until you find the right one that fits your needs perfectly before proceeding to hardcode them. DSS in a jiffy … all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

WinQuery for WinGIS also makes it easy for you to create spectacular thematic maps using WinGIS, which may then be used to visualize and decipher trends, as a base for data analysis and decision-making.


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