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WinGIS - Software that Shows    WinGIS - Software that Shows

...Make better decisions and get a better picture by adding geographics to your daily data.

WinGIS - GIS for Decision Makers

WinGIS is an object-oriented Professional Geographic Information System software for the Windows' environment. It is the present day software to implement GIS for a broad spectrum of decision-makers. The software offers current standards of graphical user interface consistent with other popular Windows Office applications.

Behind the simple and intuitive user interface WinGIS has a powerful graphic and data exchange engine that provides for the integration of vector/raster maps, text, and multimedia with database into a complete desktop mapping solution in a client-server environment, using PCs.

WinGIS provides for querying and analysing spatial data it holds in tandem with associated attribute data that are kept in an external relational database. Attribute data are kept and managed within any user selectable industry-standard relational database.

The integration of map graphics with powerful relational database systems provides users with a vastly superior decision-making information system, without the complexity associated with technical systems. Decision-makers are able to interact on-line with their data themselves because there is no technical complexity. It has functions to present developed information in the most intuitive manner via precise high-quality graphics both for on-line decipher and printed output.

WinGIS helps to communicate GIS information faster and more efficiently. Frequently used themes can be captured as views for quick and convenient retrieval, thereby serving as an efficient communication media.

WinGIS provides for creating new data and integrating of existing data in various formats to a complete GIS solution.

WinGIS also supports multi-document environment, allowing the user to work with several projects simultaneously and switching between them quickly.



WinMAP is an executive map analysis and query system sharing the same graphic kernel as WinGIS, but having lesser functionality. It is a downsized edition of the complete WinGIS with certain high-end technical functions masked to reduce cost. Applications developed in WinGIS can be downsized to run with WinMAP supporting lesser functions. It performs many map analysis functions including querying, viewing, editing, plotting, and reporting. It supports multi-media.

The advantage offered is this allows an economic way for distributing GIS applications for improved decision-making enabling visualisation of the data in a geographic context. Its open operating environment precisely transfers database information to map graphics for visual presentation. It provides a geographic representation of data that lets users retrieve and analyze information.

Make better decisions and get a better picture by adding geographics to your daily data.



WinMAP LT is a map query and viewing tool that comes with a limited set of functions providing for the further downsizing of full-blown projects developed in WinGIS into customised and iconised end-user GIS applications. All functions are iconised and placed on menus or tool bars for one-click result. Functions may be selected as options according to user requirements.

WinMAP LT can be thought of as the 'runtime' version of WinGIS or WinMAP to deliver low-cost end products to multiple users.

Examples of its usage are applications for field data collection, decision-support tool for field personnel, and maintaining a routing check-list. It is also ideal for mass distribution of geographic information via web downloads or CD-ROMs at a very low cost.


WinGIS Product line

WinGIS 2000 CryptoHP
The high performance & high security edition
WinGIS 2000 Professional
The high functional edition for professional users
WinGIS 2000 Standard
The standard function edition for GIS users
WinMAP 2000
The GIS querying solution for enterprises
WinMAP 2000 LT
The viewing tool to deliver mass market products

Developed by Progis Software AG in Europe, WinGIS has gained acceptance among GIS professionals and novices alike, in Europe and Asia.  For more information, please visit the Progis technology site.  





















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